At-Risk Registry Instructions

The Regional CARE Team At-Risk Registry is designed for the caregivers of individuals who have special needs and/or medical diagnoses:

• That cause the individual to wander or elope and become lost
• That have specific requirements when encountering law enforcement such as communication or comprehension differences, physical limitations, or medical risks.

Once submitted, this information is disseminated to the police department serving the city where the participant resides. The information is inputted into that police department’s in-car computer system so that it can inform responding police officers on how to safely interact with the participant and/or how to return the participant home if they become lost. If the participant moves or if something changes about the participant’s condition, the caregiver must notify the Regional CARE Team via email of the changes.
Please use the applicable email address:

For participants living in Cedar Hill:
For participants living in DeSoto:
For participants living in Duncanville:

Please fill out the application as completely as possible. (The information requested is required by law to issue a missing alert.) Please attach a recent picture of the participant. Make sure that it is recent, large and clear. Finally, please provide medical documentation of diagnosis as this is also required by law in order to issue a missing alert.
  • I reserve the right to request that my application be modified or deleted at any time. It is my responsibility to email the applicable information to the appropriate email address listed above.
  • The Regional CARE Team will collect the listed information to provide to local law enforcement to respond to calls for service involving the person registered in order to promote effective interaction with him/her, and if applicable, to return the person home or to another responsible person(s).
  • The Regional CARE Team will not share or distribute personal information gathered by this form except as required by law and will use it solely for the purposes stated in this document.
  •  The Regional CARE Team will provide annual notice for information to remain on file in the registry. If the Regional CARE Team is unable to contact me at the address provided, I understand the information will be purged.
  • By checking the box below, I certify that I have the authority to submit the listed information on behalf of the person to be registered. I understand the terms of this application and consent to the use of the information for the stated purpose.
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