Our Core Values

1- Human Dignity

We value the dignity of human lives by honoring confidentiality, building and maintaining trust, and treating others with respect and professionalism.

2- Patience

We recognize that movement toward recovery is different for everyone and commit to supporting and walking alongside individuals in whatever stage they are in.

3- Adaptability

We maintain flexibility by pivoting and tailoring our services, according to what each individual or their support system needs.

4- Team Work

We recognize that, as a carefully crafted multidisciplinary team, we bring the best of ourselves together in order to enhance our abilities to serve the community and honor the overall mission of the team. We demonstrate teamwork by effectively communicating with team mates and sharing information, ideas and feedback. We respect the expertise of each team member and utilize the synergy created to provide the most appropriate and thorough service to individuals in need.

5- Perseverance

We understand that, for some individuals, “no” simply means, “not right now”, and promote a no-wrong-door policy for individuals when they are ready to engage.

6- Enthusiasm

We are passionate about aiding individuals in moving from behavioral health needs to recovery and community integration.

7- Empathy

We take into account the individual’s unique and personal perspective, and regard them with compassion and kindness.